client feedback

IMG_0125Identifying information removed to protect confidentiality

  • Michael is a consummate professional. He listened intently by not taking notes while I was talking, remembered everything I said, never judged me, put specific events into perspective for me, and offered me helpful ways of dealing with certain people and/or situations. Most importantly, for someone who constantly feels misunderstood, I always felt as though Michael understood me.
  • Just wanted to thank you once again for all your help, Michael. Sometimes I feel as if I’m drowning in this stuff and you always seem to throw me a life preserver just when I need it.
  • After searching for about 5 years for a (couples) therapist, (we) feel very lucky that we have found you. I finally have real hope that (my husband) and I will be alright and that our marriage will survive, all because of you lighting the path for us.
  • I know I could tell you this in our next session but just had to thank you again for everything. I was thinking about it last night and thought I could honestly thank you every day for the rest of my life for everything you have done. I know it’s been less than 24 hours since we saw you but just having a 3rd person help ____ and I with all of our issues makes such a huge difference. I already feel less anxiety and have noticed a difference in our interaction (together) with (our child). 😉 Thank you for always understanding!
  • I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month now since (my son) and I last met with you. I’m happy to report that we have done very well “with the training wheels off” as we had described our attempt to go it alone for a while. In four weeks, we’ve had no problems or issues! More than that, I find myself describing our difficulties using the past tense, and that is a great feeling!… I have also spoken with a few other parents about their “teenager troubles,” and have been able to see, through their experiences, that our own have been a bit more normal and manageable than I would have thought just six months ago, when I was at my wit’s end! I have, in fact, now recommended to two families the idea of consulting with you.
  • I SO appreciate feeling like there is someone listening. And I know you have a lot of other folks dealing with their own important issues with you. But you have the ability for that 50 minutes to make me feel like that you’re with me. I don’t know how you do it. But I really appreciate you. I appreciate what you do for a living.
  • Thanks again for how good you are at your job Michael. I thought it would be easier for (my husband) and I to be on the same page if he listened to our meeting today. He wanted to. He also thinks you are very good at your job (it’s more than a service, it’s restoring a balance to peoples lives). So, we had a good discussion and are coming up with plans to help try catch things earlier, before anger steps in. We know it may not work every time, but we both know we have to keep trying.
  • You have a great, non-anxious presence – not easy to find in people these days.
  • I have learned so much during the almost 2 years that we’ve been working together, and I feel like all of our work has been completely eye opening and has helped to get me to a much better place in my life, so I cannot thank you enough for all your patience with me. I also feel like I’m now at a good point for me to venture out on my own now that I’m more equipped to process events, thoughts, and any concerns in a more productive manner.
  • The skills I’ve learned from you will give greater value to my life… It is hard for me to show my emotions, but they are there, and you’ve helped me reach them and better deal with them.
  • I greatly appreciate your patience, wisdom and the strategies you have taught me that will serve me in future relationships. I know that couples therapy must be difficult, but I really appreciate your impartiality. Our sessions helped me to see how my actions affected [my partner] in ways that I did not understand before, and I hope that I can learn from this experience and continue to grow.